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10 Awesome Products Geeks Will Love

The approach of the word geek has changed significantly over time, and there are no longer a definitive definition. Words like dork, nerd, dweeb, and gimp have the same connotations as geek, but a lot of people chose to give different meanings amongst these terms. The term geek today has become more complimentary, geek is the new trend just like fashion due to many technical people have become very successful  in their chosen fields.

I’ve collected bunch cool stuffs worthy for a true gadget geek. Whether you’re a Starwars fanatic, Apple fanboy, social media addict or just a retro gaming activist, our nerdy list of product will give you some truly geek-themed design.

Super Marios Bros

This is an official Nintendo licensed product. The graphics are so life like, it’s like actually watching Super Mario Bros. game on pause. (via Blik company)

Save Key Bank

This geeky piggybank has a slot in top for coins and a base that pops off easily if you’re out of change. The bad thing is, at $9.75 it just about costs more than the amount of coins it can hold.

The Darth Vader Toaster

Yes, the Sith Lord makes evil toast with an image of Darth Vader. This is the only toaster that takes toast launching to a whole new…the dark side.

Text Talk Vinyl Shower Curtain

This shower curtain from Bed Bath & Beyond is a fun addition to your bathroom. Almost all emoticons are clad on the Text Talk curtain, including many I’ve never even used.(via Bed Bath & Beyond)

Like/Dislike Stamp Set

If your like most people on Facebook, then this is a must have. Now you can go crazy in your cubicle/office documents.

iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCad from Thinkgeek, is more than just a docking station for your iPad. You can play your favorite arcade games in this retro styled, handcrafted wooden tabletop arcade cabinet. (via Thinkgeek)

IP Address Door Mat

Only nerds would recognize that this figure is nothing but an IP address, and for geeks ideal home is one’s own machine and one’s own IP address.  (via Nicole and Tyler)

The Wearable Keyboard

This unusual wearable gadget is built into a pair of fashionable designer jeans by Erik De Nijs. It has a built-in keyboard, mouse, and computer speakers that play audio. (via Erik De Nijs)

My Documents Laptop Sleeve

This is isn’t your regular  laptop sleeve, this would  be a perfect gift for the nerd or non-nerd community.

Victorinox Secure Pro USB drive

The un-hackable Victorinox Secure features AES256 technology, together with Victorinox patented unique MKI’s Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology. Victorinox actually offered a  prize to a group of expert hackers to crack the drive during the company’s launch event and they were unable to do so. The Secure Pro is currently available with storage capacities between 8GB and 32GB (via Victorinox)

There is plenty more gadgets out there some pricey while others affordable. One website that is definitely in my favorites is The have a little bit of everything from clothing, accessories, toys, etc. Hope you  guys enjoy this first post to the collection.

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