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Facebook Timeline is out!

Facebook’s new Timeline feature, announced at the social networking giant’s f8 conference back in September, has been launched across the whole social network.Timeline, which had previously been available only to selected Facebook users, completely changes the look and feel of your home page.

It’s a design that lays out your entire Facebook history in chronological order, like an illustrated diary that enables you – and all your friends – to see everything you’ve been up to online.

Good news for extroverts, then, but those who thought their drunken/misjudged/ov​erly emotional status updates had been lost in the mists of time might be feeling a little nervous.

So it’s lucky for them that Facebook is introducing the feature with a seven-day preview period.

You’ll notice that while the interface is very different, Facebook doesn’t work all that differently from the way it used to. At the top of your timeline, you can add a new status update, photo, or place, and you can read all your wall posts just by scrolling down the timeline. The only new features you really need to learn about are those that directly relate to how your timeline looks.

How to Activate

The steps to activate your Timeline are very simple. You can either manually go to or search Timeline on your top search bar. Once you land on the Timeline page look for the green button that says Get Timeline and tweak away.

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For you Photoshop GURU’s download this .PSD file to get you on your way to give your Timeline a new twist.

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